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Monday, February 28, 2011

New #11 GReddy tC homepage

This coming weekend, (March 5-6) will be our racing debuting for our #11 GReddy tC in the Redline Time Attack FWD Street Tire Series, at the Willow Springs International Raceway.  If you are free, please come out and support our Team.

We have a few free Sunday admission tickets avaiable here at our Offices in Irvine.  So please stop by our GReddy Public Showroom this week to pick you some FREE tickets (while supplies last)

We have also added a dedicated webpage for updates and history on our #11 GReddy tC.  For more please see:  http://greddy.com/featured/11

* Update, you can now also download a free ticket for Sunday on the Redline Time Attack site: http://www.redlinetrackevents.com/?p=725

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a little fun for you iphone owners


Here is another fun little iphone app "Zilla," we were introduced to by our friends at Bonobolabs (our partners in the GReddy fun iphone App"- See more on our GReddy App (here)

Zilla makes your iphone look like the screen in a GT-R when you mount it in any car and shows telemetry like G-force graphs, speed, air temp and weight transfer. It's fun to have on while you drive around!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Past Saturday's Local Carshow

This past Saturday, Feb. 12th, we braved a few rain sprinkles with our Project GenCoupe to meet up with some area-locals at the 5th Annual Imports at UCI carshow.

It was a nice relaxed day talking with young auto enthusiast.  Hope to see you all there next year for #6.  Thank you Imports@ for the invite.

Friday, February 18, 2011

President's Day Holiday

For the President's Day Holiday, the GReddy Performance Products offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 21st.  Normal business Hours will resume Tuesday, Feb. 22nd.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GReddy Street tC - Willow Springs Shakedown

Late last week we took out the #11 GReddy Street tC for it's 1st trip to the race track.  With the new GReddy Type-S suspension, Turbo Ti-C Exhaust and Tuner Turbo Kit installed, we got a chance to shake down our new 265 Proxes R1R Toyo Tires at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Check out this quick clip of our R&D / Driver Takeshi at the wheel, putting the turbo tC's suspension to work on the Big Willow Course...

Look for our 2011 tC in the FWD Street Tire Class at Rd. 1 of the Redline Time Attack season opener at the Willow Springs International Raceway on March 5th-6th.

GReddy Type-S adjustable Suspension Kit

GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust and Tuner Turbo Kit

Willow Springs Testing 02/11

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Secret / GReddy CRZ Turbo Kit Collaboration

     TOP SECRET X GReddy TD04H Turbo System for CR-Z

Over the past few months the famous Japanese Tuning Magazine "Option Magazine" has been running some CR-Z Tsukuba Battles between two Tuned CR-Z to see the potential for aftermarket performance.  GReddy/TRUST Japan, was happy to work along side the legendary Smoky Nagata's TOP SECRET team with a GReddy TD04H Turbocharged challenger (tuned with e-Manage Ultimate) against a Supercharged opponent.

We are pleasantly surprised of how well matched the TD04H matches with the Hybrid CRZ engine for both overall torque, power and response for performance driving.

Here are a few pages from the articles (Option 12/2010, 01/2011. & 02/2011) :

Round #1 -  200hp Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                         The Turbo CR-Z was boosted to 0.45kg/cm2 for 204.0ps (+70ps over stock)
                         The test driver loved how well the power-band matched well with the car
                         Best Time of 1:08.364 (2.264sec quicker then the other CRZ)

Round #2 - 300hp Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                        The Turbo CR-Z was fitted with a strengthen engine and boosted to 1.3kg/cm2
                        for 306ps
(+172ps over stock)
                        Best Time of 1:06.368 (0.672sec quicker then the other CRZ)

Round #3 - 300hp "All-out" Battle around Tsukuba Circuit
                       The same power setting, with more suspension, tuning, & custom modifications
                       Incredible Best Time of 1:05.795 (within 0.172sec of the other CRZ)

Stay tuned for more info regarding our up and coming CR-Z Turbo Kit.  Coming Soon...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Turbo tC build up update

From the start this GReddy tC Project's concept was to build a streetcar for the track, using components anyone can purchase. Or develop and offer products we need to make this achievable.  (Not a ultimate Time Attack specialist with one-off custom components, but a realistic fwd car customers could actually build themselves)

Although our Project #11 tC might not look too different on the outside, from when it debut at the SEMA Show in Nov., it has change quite a bit during our R&D testing.  Over the winter, we tested many turbo and intercooler combination and refined the production turbo kit, that we'll be offering and racing with.  We also upgraded the fuel system and tuned in the e-Manage Ultimate "piggy-back ECU." The Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit was developed further, as well.   And for added safety, while on the track, we opt'ed for a 6pt Roll-bar with 5pt racing harness and bucket seats.

We'll have more details on each of these upgrades soon, but for now here is a little preview, to what's to come...

Next time we'll go a little more in depth with the new GReddy 2011-on tC TD05SH-18G Tuner Turbo Kit at it's base boost of  just 0.4kg/cm2  (5.6psi) and 288whp (that's a 118hp increase! so far!)