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Thursday, September 23, 2021

GReddy B-Type Oil Filler Caps

With a new original GReddy design these B-Type, CNC billet aluminum oil filler caps will bring class and style to your high performance engine. Available in either anodized blue or chrome (USA exclusive) finishes. Also included is a metal GReddy badge. Applications for many popular Japanese vehicles. - It is a future classic that is available now!

   + Includes special GReddy 21mm Hex / 3/8 drive loosening tool.
   + Includes standard light-weight GReddy Oil Cap badge.

13901501     - Most Toy., Dai.  - Type 01           
                        - M37-P3.0     TY-A /  DH-A. 
13901502      - Most Nis., Many older Hon., Suz. - Type 02
                        - M32-P3.5     TS-A / HN-A / SZ-A   
13901503     - Many older Maz. - Type 03                         
                        - M35-P4.0     MZ-A. 
13901504     - Many Maz. - Type 04                           
                        - 33.7 dia.       MZ-B.
13901505     - Many newer Hon. - Type 05                          
                        - Dedicated     HN-B.
13901506    - Most Sub. (+ZN6). - Type 06                          
                       - M42-P4.5     SB-A. 
13901507     - Many Suz.  - Type 07                        
                        - 30.0               SB-B. 
13901508     - Many newer Mit.   - Type 08                      
                       - Dedicated     MT-A 

 * Check your applications before purchasing...

TY-A /  DH-A  - Type 01
Toyota M37-P3.0 Applications: 
- Older Engines: 4A, 4AG, 3SG, 1G, 1GG, 4E, 5E, 1FZ, 5S, 1SZ, 1ZZ, 1AZ 
Recent Engines: 1KR, 1AZ, 1NZ, 1SZ, 1MZ, 2AZ, 2NZ, 2JM, 2AR, 2ZR, 2SZ, 3S, 3ZR, 4GR   ※ Scion FRS & Toyota 86 please see Type-6, p/n13901606)

Daihatsu M37-P3.0 Applications:
- Older Engines:  
Recent Engines:  


TS-A / HN-A / SZ-A - Type 02
Nissan M32-P3.5 Applications:
 - Older Engines: RB, SR, VG, VQ, CA, GA, CG
 - Recent Engines: CA18, CG10, CG13, CGA3, CR10, CR12, CR14, GA15, GA16, HR12, HR15, HR16, KA24, MA10, MR16, MR18, MR20, QG15, QG18, QR20, QR25, RB20, RB25, RB26, SR18, SR20, VG20, VG30, VH41, VH45, VK45, VQ25, VQ30, VQ35, VQ37, VR38

Honda M32-P3.5 Applications:
 - Older Engines: B16A, B18C, B20A, B20B, H22A, F22B, D13B, D15B, E07A
 - Recent Engines: B16, B18, B20, D13, D15B, D16, E07, F18, F20, F22, F23, H22, J30, K20, K24, L13, L15, LDA, LEA, LEB, P07, R18, R20, S07, ZC

Suzuki M32-P3.5 Applications:
 - Older Engines: 
 - Recent Engines:K6 ,K12, M15, M16


MZ-A - Type 03
Mazda M35-P4.0 Applications:
 - Older Engines: 13B, B3, B6, BP, JE
 - Recent Engines: 13B, BP, B6, B5, B3, ZY, ZJ, LF, L3, FP, FS,
    & SE3P (13B-MSP) frame numbers to 299999


MZ-B - Type 04
Mazda φ33.7 Applications:
 - Older Engines: 
 - Recent Engines: 13B(SE3P:300001~) * , P5, P3, PE, S5, S8, HF, SH, PY    
   * (SE3P (13B-MSP) frame numbers to 299999 please use p/n13901503)


HN-B - Type 05
Honda Dedicated Spiral Applications:
 - Older Engines:
 - Recent Engines: J35Z2/4, J35A6/8, J37A2/3, K20A, K20Z4, R20A1/2/3, N22A2, N22B1/2, K24A, K24Z1/2/3/4, E07Z, 13Z1, R18A2


SB-A - Type 06
Subaru M42-P4.5 Applications:
 - Older Engines: EJ20, EJ22, EJ18, EJ25, EN07
 - Recent Engines:FA20, EJ18, EJ20, EJ22, EJ25, EZ30, EZ36, EN07, EL17, FB16, FB20, FB25 (Scion FRS / Toyota 86)

SB-B - Type 07
Suzuki φ30.0  Applications:
 - Older Engines: 
 - Recent Engines: R06A, K10C, K12B, K12C, K14C, K15B
※K12B : For DUAL JET ENGINE only
※R06A : Not compatible with metal head cover(DA17V,DA17W等)


 MT-A - Type 08 
Mitsubishi Dedicated Spiral Applications:
 - Older Engines: 
 - Recent Engines:GK1W, GA3W/4W, GF7W/8W/GG2W, CW4W/5W/6W, CV1W/2W/4W/5W, CZ4A, CX3A/4A/6A, B11W/11A, HA1W, A03A/05A, Z21A/21W/22A/22W