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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GReddy Air Intake Systems

          Arriving August  (FR-S Sept.)  - Now accepting Pre-Orders

GReddy Air Intake Systems are designed to be the perfect complement to free-flowing GReddy Exhaust. Increased intake flow will give added benefit to larger diameter exhausts like our new Evo3 and RS models, as well as our more refine SP Elite systems. And just like in our exhaust development, we make sure each application is carefully studied and tuned. All systems are made with high quality materials, careful craftsmanship, and designed for ease of installation.

GReddy Air Intake systems improve horsepower and torque through a cool air-charge and smoothly increasing intake air-flow. Our new multi-layer synthetic, deep pleated, dry filter element offers improved filtration. It also provides high flow, but without the worry of MAF sensor contamination. Performance gains are attributed to the careful air filter placement along with tuned aluminum piping or variable diameter molded piping. Other tuning aids, (depending on application,) include: heat-shields, air-box covers, or in our new (M) Momentum series, high flow sealed air-boxes, with integration to factory air-scoops.
2013- FR-S / BRZ (M)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Formula D Seattle Coverage - Semi Final Finish

      The GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S advances to the Final 4 

In only the Team's 5th Formula D event with the new FR-S, Ken Gushi drove at a consistent high level all weekend.  The result, a best yet, finish of 4th place on the high-speed Evergreen Speedway track.   The Team was so close to picking up a podium finish in Seattle.  

The Final 4 finish places the team in 11th place in the Formula Drift Championships with two rounds to go in in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Aug 24-25 and Irwindale Speedway, Oct 12-13.

Solid qualifying runs by Ken Gushi on a dry track scored a 81 and 83, placing the drift FR-S in 14th position for the tandem brackets. 

Top 32 eliminations, was a rematch from Rd.3 Florida, with Kenneth Moen in is 350Z, this time with Ken taking the clear win.

After the half-time break and main event introduction ceremonies, Ken Gushi advanced pass Japanese driver, Toshiki Yoshioka, in his S15.  Setting up another rematch with fellow Hankook tire teammate in the Great 8.  With a good pressure, Conrad Grunewald ended up spinning his Camaro and handing over the win.

That left the nimble-handling GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S as the sole 4 cylinder turbo car in the field.  In the Semi Finals, Ken faced off against, 5th in the championship, Ryan Tuerck in S13, but was not able to defeat this V8 this time.

The final run of the night for us, was a super exciting "door to door" follow run by Ken against Rhys Millen in the consolation round.  This run best exemplified the progress the Ken Gushi and Team have made with the FR-S.   The Team is proud of this weekend's result, and will try our best to keep improving...

Congratulations to FD Rd.5 Winners
1st - Vaughn Gittin    2nd - Ryan Tuerck     3rd - Rhys Millen

[photos by SR & GForce Photo]

 technical partners

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Friday, July 20, 2012

#GReddyRaceOffer - FD Rd.5

Debut weekend for our new Lightweight GReddy Racing Lug Nuts & Locks! 

Long, M12xP1.25, Blue - Drift FR-S
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GReddy Racing Lug Nuts as seen on the GReddy Drift FR-S!
(Long Type - M12 x P1.25 - Anodized Blue)

   another chance to win a Ken Gushi signed GReddy Team jersey!

 #GReddyRaceOffer - For this Rd.5 Formula D race weekend (7/20-7/23) you can order our any of our brand new GReddy Racing Lug Nuts or Locks with FREE SHIPPING, FREE DECALS, and a CHANCE TO WIN an autographed Ken Gushi GReddy Racing Team jersey! 
(only #GReddyRaceOffer buyers will be entered in our GReddy Racing FB drawing.  Winners will also be announced on the GReddy Racing FB page.)

Lightweight, high grade, GReddy Racing Nuts are hard-anodized, precision CNC 7075 Aluminum alloy lug nuts. These metric nuts come package in sets of 4. Sizes to fit most Japanese vehicles (M12 x P1.25 or M12 x P1.5) are available in Short (45mm) or Slim body-Long (60mm) lengths open ends, for use with longer racing wheel studs.   Lock & Key sets also available.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Evo3 Exhaust for EvoX and IS

Two more Evo3 Exhaust Systems to add to the New Evo3 line-up.

Last month we introduced the return of the GReddy Evo3, with the introduction of the Evo3 for Scion (AGT20) tC and Honda (FG2) Civic Si coupe.  On the 25th of July we will receive our second batch of systems, including a system for the Evolution X and system for the IS350 / IS250.

  Arriving July 27th!  

Evo3 - Mitsubishi Evolution X - 10137300
3"(76.2mm) - 80mm to dual 80mm exhaust with dual mufflers and 102mm tips

Evo3 - Lexus IS350 / IS250 - 10127301
Dual muffler rear-section exhaust system for either V6 IS350 or IS250

GReddy Evolution3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Formula D Rd5, July 20-21

The GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S is prep with new upgrades for the next round of the Formula Drift Championships.  Cheer on the Team and our driver, Ken Gushi as he battles for the win at the Evergreen Speedway, WA on July 20-21.


Also watch out for our ShopGReddy.com #GReddyRaceOffer for the same race weekend. (July 20-23)

*for more info on attending the event see:
*for live streaming see:  http://www.formulad.com/live/

(And for your Comicon Fans, here is a very cool cartoon of  Ken Gushi in his GReddy X Scion Racing Drift FR-S , by famous artist  Jonsibal...  So cool right?)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New SP Elite exhuasts for July

New GReddy Street Performance Elite exhausts will be release in July, for the 370Z, G37 coupe and FR-S / BRZ

(Main difference between the previous SE system include larger volume oval muffler sections for the SP elite and non-Titanium coated Stainless-steel tips)

 UPDATE : Arriving July 27th ! 

SP Elite - Nissan 370Z - 10127205
Full dual Y-back 60mm exhaust with dual inlet/outlet sideways-mounted oval muffler and dual 102mm resonated (Stainless-steel)


SP Elite - Infiniti G37 Coupe - 10127201
Single piping 60mm exhaust with single inlet, dual outlet sideways-mounted oval muffler and dual 102mm resonated (Stainless-steel)


SP Elite - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ - 10117202
60mm axle-back exhaust with single inlet, dual outlet sideways-mounted oval muffler and dual 102mm resonated (Stainless-steel)

Monday, July 2, 2012

GReddy Multi D/A Gauge

 The all new GReddy Digital -Analog hybrid meters are almost here.  Check out our English translated video of the basic operations and read below about system features.

 UPDATE: July 26th - GReddy D/A Gauges are here in the USA! 

Analog dial available in Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost)

The integrated Digital display make monitoring up to 2 additional signals at a time very easy, with options from 7 different engine signals:
   Turbo Boost  |  Water Temp |  Oil Press  |  Oil Temp  |  Fuel Press  |  EGT  |  Voltage(incl.)

Use the include wireless remote to control all system features (including Sensor selection & 7 choices of LED back-lighting : White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple and Red)
Multi D/A Gauge features include:
  • Choice of Analog Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost) Dial Face
  • Integrated EL Digital Display (Numerically & Bar Graph)
  • Animated Start-up and Shut-down sequences
  • Wireless Remote Control operation
  • Selectable 7 Color LED Back-lighting (and matching Back Logo illumination)
  • Peak Hold Recall for connected sensors
  • Warning point Setting and Alert for each connected sensor
  • And a water-resistant Center Control Unit to allow for simple installation.

With Multi D/A Center Control unit mounted in the engine compartment, sensor connections are super easy, and only a single communication cable is required to be routed through the vehicle's firewall to the drivers compartment.  A simple 4-wire power connections under the dash complete the electrical connections.

Multi D/A Gauge Systems available in Single Sensor Models or 3 Sensor Sets, with Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost) faces... (single Sensor Turbo Multi D/A Gauge shown below)