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Monday, January 18, 2021

GReddy BOV IG Photo Contest

Win a Free Limited Black Type FV Blow-off Valve !

UPDATE 1/26/2021 :

       Congratulations to our #GREDDYBOVIG photo contest winner, @andymcfly.  He will be receiving a FREE Black Limited Type FV Blow-off Valve...

The BLACK LIMITED Type FV BOV and Shift Knobs are now available through your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or ShopGReddy.com

 We just released our new Black Limited Cerated Type-FV Blow-off Valve, we want to upgrade one special, current user with this latest model!

From now, Monday 1/18/ until Sunday 1/24/2021 - * Post up your photo of your authentic GReddy BOV ( Type-FV, RZ,RS, S or Type-R ) in your vehicle’s engine compartment, tagging us @greddyperformance and use hashtag #greddyBOVig. (Also make sure you are following us)

We will select our favorite photos and select a winner. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

GPP Proud to be Part of Special GR Supra Project

GReddy Performance Products is proud to be part of this special Toyota Research Institute (TMI) and Stanford University's Dynamic Design Lab Study on How to Improve Automotive Safety.

Inspired by the Skills of Professional Drift Drivers, Research Seeks to Combine the Technology of Vehicle Automation with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

What if every driver who ran into trouble had the instinctive reflexes of a professional race car driver and the calculated foresight of a supercomputer to avoid a crash?


Toyota Newsroom Press Release; 

LOS ALTOS, Calif.(January 14, 2021) – What if every driver who ran into trouble had the instinctive reflexes of a professional race car driver and the calculated foresight of a supercomputer to avoid a crash? Researchers at Toyota Research Institute are working with Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab to make this vision come true.

The engineers are conducting research into how to bring together the instincts of professional drivers and automated driving technology. Their goal is to design a new level of active safety technology and share it broadly so that Toyota and other auto manufacturers can deploy it on the road.

“Every day, there are deadly vehicle crashes that result from extreme situations where most drivers would need superhuman skills to avoid a collision,” said Gill Pratt, TRI CEO and Chief Scientist at Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). “The reality is that every driver has vulnerabilities, and to avoid a crash, drivers often need to make maneuvers that are beyond their abilities. Through this project, TRI will learn from some of the most skilled drivers in the world to develop sophisticated control algorithms that amplify human driving abilities and keep people safe. This is the essence of the Toyota Guardian™ approach.”

Every year, car crashes result in nearly 40,000 fatalities in the United States, and about 1.25 million fatalities worldwide. Toyota’s goal is to reduce that number to zero. While most crashes occur in mundane situations, in other situations drivers may need to make maneuvers that take their vehicle close to and, at times, exceed normal limits of handling. When faced with wet or slippery roads for instance, professional drivers may choose to ‘drift’ the car through a turn.

“Since 2008, our lab has taken inspiration from human race car drivers in designing algorithms that enable automated vehicles to handle the most challenging emergencies,” said Professor Chris Gerdes of Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Laboratory.  “Through this research, we have the opportunity to move these ideas much closer to saving lives on the road.”

TRI has supported the Dynamic Design Lab’s research for many years. The current project draws upon Stanford’s published paper, “Opening New Dimensions: Vehicle Motion Planning and Control using Brakes while Drifting,” in which Stanford researchers demonstrated advanced drifting on MARTY, an electrified, automated DeLorean. Stanford’s experimental results produced a proof-of-concept architecture capable of controlling a rear-wheel drive vehicle in a drift using brakes, steering and propulsion. TRI is now applying this architecture to vehicle platforms, including the GR Supra.

TRI is also engaging Toyota’s engineering expertise in motorsports and advanced development. Toyota Racing Development (TRD U.S.A., Inc.) in the United States is providing valuable technical and experiential know-how in motorsports and drifting. Separately, TRI is also working with Toyota Motor Corporation’s Vehicle Dynamics Control Team — based in Japan — to apply the drifting architecture for future Toyota vehicles.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Black Limited - GReddy Type A Shift Knobs with Ceracote finish

Specially coated in the USA, this thin-film surface coating protects with a tough durable black finish. 

It offers a distinct high-end look and feel to our iconic GReddy shift knob design. 

The performance ceramic coating offers unmatched corrosion and chemical resistance. 

They are also compatible with existing GReddy/GPP shift knob accessories, like our Silicone-rubber, carbon-patter shift knob cover and Titanium badges as well as orginal NOS shift badges (see shopgreddy.com for more)


And like the standard GReddy Type A Shift Knobs, they include popular sized inserts to fit most all Japanese manual transmissions:  A-01 Standard - High &  A-02 Shift Lockout - Low 

GReddy Traditional Diamond Shape Shift Knob - Polished
-  Anodized blue GReddy badge with o-ring 
- Supports 3 types of genuine shift lever screw sizes (M10P1.25, M10P1.5, M12P1.25).
- The mounting height can be adjusted. 
  (with included jam nut and 8mm allan wrench)
  (Adjustable range: Type A01 approx. 30 mm / Type A02 approx. 15 mm,)
- Highly rigid mounting with a metal adapter.
- Five types of shift pattern decals included.

<Installed weight> A01: 197-203g, A02: 188-194g

Originally designed for TRUST/GREX sequential transmissions in the 1990s. You can now feel the comfort and precision of our retro billet, CNC shift knobs. The new inner-screw inserts make installation height adjustable, simple and secure. The traditional knobs offer excellent comfort for both side and overhand grips.