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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

GReddy GT-Rs take 1st and 3rd at Round 3 of the D1 Grand Prix, Tsukuba


Congratulations to the Toyo Tires - GLION - TRUST Racing GT-R Team!  

D1 Grand Prix, Round 3, Tsukuba Circuit Course 2000

  1st place - Masato Kawabata #35
  2nd place - Diago Saito #87
  3rd place - Masao Suenaga #39


Not to mention the awesome Semi Finals match of dueling GReddy RX Dspec GT-Rs of Kawabata and Suenaga...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

GReddy R32 Skyline GT-R Quick Refferance List

GReddy has a deep history with the RB26DETT and Skyline GT-R, stretching back to the R32's debut in 1989.  Iconic demonstration vehicles  like the GReddy RX "Speed King" Skyline GT-R helped paved the way our GReddy Total Tune-up collection.  Now that the Skyline BNR32 GT-R is now available in the USA, we are proud to be able to re-introduce these JDM products...

Click on the part numbers for more details....

GReddy Complete Suction Kit
     p/n 11920230 - OEM MAF
     p/n 11920231 - 80mm Z32 MAF
     p/n 11920232 - MAF delete

GReddy Intake Kit
     p/n 12020903 - OEM MAF
     p/n 12020902 - 80mm Z32 MAF
     p/n 12020904 - MAF delete

GReddy MX Twin Down Pipe
     p/n 10129001

GReddy Exhausts
     p/n 10123301 - Power Extreme R
     p/n 10123401 - Super Street Ti
     p/n TBA - Evolution GT - coming soon!

GReddy Intake Manifold Plenums
     p/n 13522306

 GReddy Hard Piping Kit  (cold)
     p/n 12020901 - std. piping
     p/n 12020400 - for GReddy Plenum

GReddy Blow off Valve Kit
    p/n 11521012 - Type R BOV

GReddy Type 29F Intercooler
   p/n 12020214 - OEM Plenum
   p/n 12020215 - w/ GReddy Plenum
   p/n 12020208 - (Type 23F I/C)

GReddy Twin Turbo Upgraded
   p/n 11520074 - T517Z  8cm2
   p/n 11520075 - T517Z 10cm2

GReddy Single Turbo Upgrade
    p/n 11520038 - T78 33D
    p/n 11520039 - T88 SPL

GReddy Oil Cooler Kit
    p/n 12024413 - 13R Ext.
    p/n 12024412 - 10R Ext.
    p/n 12024615 - 10R Fender
    p/n 12024617 - 10R Front

GReddy Aluminum Radiator
    p/n 12023802 - TW-R

GReddy Pulley Kit
    p/n 13522101

GReddy Extreme Timing Belt
    p/n 13524500

GReddy Metal Head Gasket
   p/n 13521370 - Dia.88 T1.2mm
   p/n 13521371 - Dia.88 T1.5mm
   p/n 13521373 - Dia.87 T1.2mm
   p/n 13521374 - Dia.87 T1.5mm

GReddy Oil Pan Upgrade
   p/n 13525900

GReddy Front Differential Cover
   p/n 14520402

GReddy Rear Differential Cover
   p/n 14520499

GRacer R32 GT-R Aero
   p/n 17020131 - Front Lip
   p/n 17020141 - Side Skirt

   p/n 17020146 - Rear Under

Pandem R32 Widebody Aero
   p/n 17020620 - Wide-body Kit
   p/n 17020625 - Rear Wing

Other popular R32 / RB26DETT product listings:

      GReddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller          p/n 15500214     
      GReddy Racing Lug Nuts (5x M12xP1.25)          p/n  14401320
      GReddy Mag Oil Drain Plug (MD-01)                   p/n  13901301
      GReddy Sports Oil Filter (OX-03)                         p/n  13901103
      GReddy High Press. Radiator Cap (Type S)         p/n  13901000
      GReddy Rad. Breather Tank (Type S)                   p/n  12400908
      GReddy Radiator Hose Adapter (36mm)              p/n  16401636

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Join the GPP Team


Availability:   Open until filled

Position:        Part Time Data Entry Assistant

Location:       GReddy Performance Products, Inc.
                        9 Vanderbilt, Irvine, CA  92618

This position is open until filled.  To be considered for the position(s), interested individuals must submit a resume.

 Email Resumes to : jobs@greddy.com