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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st place for the turbo GReddy tC Team at Rd3, Redline Time Attack!

We are happy to report the hard work and recent upgrades to the #11 GReddy tC have paid off with a 1st place finish at this past Memorial-Day weekend's Rd.3 of the Redline Time Attack FWD Street Tire Class

The event took the team to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California.  The high speed "ROVAL" course proved to be formidable test with it's high speed NASCAR banked Straight and banked-Turn.  The Team had to make numerous adjustments to the 2011 tC's set-up all weekend, but in the end, the GReddy strengthened-2AR engine held up well to the increased turbo boost, leading up to a winning run by Driver/Builder Takeshi Aizawa of 1:55.2sec.

The entire GReddy Team is very proud to achieve this accomplishment with the new 2011 Scion tC in just 3 races with the car.  The #11 GReddy tC highlights the might of the new GReddy tC components that will soon be released: GReddy tC Tuner Turbo Kit, Type-S coil-over suspension kit, e-Manage Ultimate, and Turbo Ti-C exhaust.
We would also like to acknowledge all of the Team's Technical Partners for their support: GPP, Scion Racing, Toyo Tires, OS Giken, Rays Wheels, APR, Five:AD, Sparco, WPC, TRD, Engergy Suspension, Project Mu, Mother's, S&A Designs, Seibon, DriftSpeed, Hiro's Auto Repair, Papadakis Racing, & Design Craft. (and thank you Chris Harrington for the great photos!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#11 GReddy tC is ready to Attack Rd.3 in Fontana

This weekend, May 28-29, Redline Time Attack will be back in town for Rd.3 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.  http://www.redlinetrackevents.com/?p=772

 Our R&D tech and Driver Takeshi is excited to get on the track.  So please come out to Rd 3 this weekend to support the GReddy Team!


And the GReddy Team has been hard at work taking the turbo #11 GReddy tC to the next evolution, with a strengthen 2AR engine and drive train for more boost.

The engine retains its factory specs but now has prototype GReddy forged pistons and rods with WPC metal surface treatment.  The transmission has also been upgraded with an OS Giken LSD and twin plate clutch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The GReddy-Turbocharged Sparco Rally xD gets it's 1st win!

The Sparco Rally xD had been in competition for just about 1year and it has always been known for it's reliability.  But just a few weeks ago, the GReddy Team was asked by the team for help in adding more power to take the car to the next level.  And after some shake-down and adjustments at the Olympus event, the driver and navigator combo of "ACP" Andrew Comrie-Picard / Jeremy Wimpey took home the RallyxD's 1st 2WD event WIN in the Rally-America, Oregon Trail Rally!!!  

(On hand was our very own, President of GPP GReddy Performance Products, Inc. USA, Kenji Sumino providing at the track support.)

YouTube video of 2011 Oregon Trail Rally (see from 2:50s-on for the Rally xD)