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Thursday, February 25, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0222

Earlier this week we tweeted about the release of a few new Evo X (CZ4A) parts. A couple different Aluminum Hard Piping kits (w/ and w/o Blow-off Valve,) large 80mm Suction pipe and 80mm Airinx Kit. (all be used together or independently)

So here is this weeks quickie with some of the parts in action: w/ the Type RS Blow off Valve (Open to Atmosphere and Recirculated)...

Here are just a few of the CZ4A parts available now...

With more parts coming soon like our new
Circuit Spec Evo X MR Trans. Cooler Kit...

Monday, February 22, 2010

R35 twin 20G turbo upgrade Update: 800whp!

A little while back we blog'ed about the tuning success one of our GReddy GTR Master Tuner Shops, SP Engineering, was having with our GReddy R35 TD06SH-20 Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit. Well we are happy to report an update. Over the weekend, they began to boost up a little more from their 706whp @ 1.45kg/cm2 to a crazy 816whp @ 1.7kg/cm2!

Not only does it make great peak power, but if you notice on the graph, the mid range is still quite good with 360whp at 3500 RPM & 520whp @ 4000 RPM...

And the guys at SP Eng, tell us they are not done yet. We can't wait to see how much they end up with!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week-0215

Here is this week's GPP Thursday Quickie (#3) ...

This week it's a tease video of our GReddy R35 with some easy bolt-on's, doing a quick baseline dyno, before the turbo upgrades.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

R35 and EvoX track testing continues

In addition to the extensive testing and tuning going on here in the states on the GTR. Japanese GReddy Tuner shops, like Esprit, have been testing out and giving their input on the R35 turbo upgrade kit as well. Recently at Suzuka Circuit, pilot: Tazan Yamada takes the GReddy equipped Esprit R35 for some shake down runs. (unfortunately the rain didn't allow for a full test)

However preliminary test of our new line of GReddy Twin Clutch Transmission Coolers look very promising for the R35 and Evo X MR (Tsukuba Circuit). More info soon...

Friday, February 12, 2010

New GReddy Mechanic Gloves, Available Now

This week we just received our new shipment of GReddy Mechanic Gloves. With a new design and new colors.

There is a new Gunmetal Gray fabric with black silk-screen GReddy Performance logo. (right >)

And then there is a sub-dyed Black background on White for a more flexible glove feel. (above ^)

GReddy Gloves can now be purchased though your favorite Authorized GReddy Dealer or our GReddy Online Store.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0208

Here is this week's GPP Thursday Quickie (#2) ...

It's show just one of the many daily, in-house (TRUST) processes required to manufacture a GReddy SE exhaust.

(part 1 of our exhaust mfg.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big local Supra Meet this past Sat.

Although it was another rainy Saturday, some of us made our way out to the big SP Engineering Supra Meet. The turn out of die-hard Supra owners was great to see. There was definitely a lot of horsepower in there lot! And saw a lot of GReddy products in everyday use. Awesome!

But in addition to the Supra Meet, it was cool for SP to share some of there other extreme projects with the Supra owners. One that really intrigued us was the SP Twin Turbo Lambo with twin e-manage Ultimates fine tuning the extra fuel for the stock twin ECUs (SP tells us they added an additional 200whp to the car.) Well have to visit them again for some updates.

If you want to check them out. see our authorized GReddy dealer list. (HERE)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

GPP Thursday Quickie Week 0201

Hello all! We have been hard at work here at GPP developing new products and building more special projects, unfortunately, a lot of it has to be keep under wraps until we are done and ready to release. So in order to share what we can with you return blog readers, we have decided to start a weekly teaser. Were calling it the GPP Thursday Quickie!

Here is our 1st GPP Thursday Quickie installment, featuring our Informeter TOUCH w/ the optional Sensor Adapter. It is a video shot in the mists of a tuning session with one of our project cars. The video was shot before the tuning was done, but that is what makes it a Teaser!
Can you guess what car it is ?

Please check back with our blog next Thursday for our next GPP Thursday Quickie...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behind the scenes of a Magazine Cover Shoot

Earlier this week was another Cover Photo shoot for one of the big tuner magazines. Here are some behind the scenes previews. The GReddy 750 HRZ and 370Z TT should be hitting the stands very soon... ( as will our new 370Z Tuner Turbo Kit!)... so keep your eyes peeled! They coming soon!