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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 Formula Drift Double-header Season Opener

 #FDSTL - World Wide Technology Raceway, St. Louis, Missouri  Sept 5-6
Ken Gushi Motorsport's competition debut for the GReddy Performance Achilles Tire Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Supra at #FDSTL  - 12th overall after Saturday's, Rd.1 and Sunday's Rd.2 events.

   * Also scroll down to the bottom of this post for the behind the build video...

Formula Drift FDSTL - Rd.1&2 Recap Video
Video: FDSTL Rd.1&2 by Larry Chen

Rd.1 #FDSTL kengushi

IG: "Had hell of a first round here at @formulad . Firstly, I injured my back last week (slipped a disc) and have been pretty much immobile throughout the weekend. Had my awesome team work on everything while I sat around. And I couldn’t deliver for them on my top32 battle against @alecrobbinsracing ! Great drive from Alec as he’s been on fire all weekend. Round 2 tomorrow, so we’ll give the new @toyotaracing#GRsupra a wilder drive! Can’t thank my team enough for covering all bases while I sit out like a grandpa. "

Rd.2 #FDSTL kengushi


IG: "And that’s a wrap for our first double header @formuladweekend! We’re currently sitting 12th with our brand new @toyotaracing#GRsupra. The car is so beat up but we learned quite a few different things and will be applying those changes for the next rounds. Special thanks to the entire Formula Drift staff for going beyond to keep us safe while we do what we love. And thanks to my team for literally having my back while I threw out my back! And to everyone who checked in on me! The car is coming back to @greddyperformance on the @achilles_radial rig. Video of how this monster was created will be up on my YouTube this week!"


Behind the Drift B58-powered A90 GR Supra