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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LA Auto Show

This past weekend also kicked off the OE Auto Show circuit, with the LA Auto Show. Definitely less people looking at trucks and SUVs. And it seemed like the big push were either for economy or high performance cars. We were looking more for tunable models. But here are a few highlights from our visit...

(at the top of our list had to be the new 370Z)

(next tot he Z was this Cube, might also be option?)

(Congrats to the GTR for the Car of the Year award.
we have some cool parts coming for the GTR very soon..)

(The new Mazda 6 looked interesting too)

(as did the new Lexus IS250 2dr. convertible)

(It was good to see the GReddy logo on Pastrana's rally STI)

(Honda seems to be going more towards the economy path)

(although this concept car was pretty cool looking)

Please shoot us an email at greddyusa@greddy.com if you have a good recommendation for a new vehicle we should consider.