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Friday, February 6, 2009

Product Spotlight - GReddy K20 Metal Head Gasket

For this week's Cool Product Spotlight, we have a not so well know item that is available for a very popular engine. Honda / Acura K20 engine found in the 02-06 RSX Type-S and other popular Honda models.

ITEM: K20 Metal Head Gasket
VEHICLE: Acura/Honda K20 engine
DESCRIPTION: 2.5mm thick, 87mm dia bore
NOTES: Grommet type, lowers compression
from 11.5:1 to 9.4:1

PART NUMBER: 13551300
MSRP: $285.

The GReddy Metal Head Gasket for the K20 engine is designed to help extract more boost, power and reliability from our popular T518Z Bolt-on Turbo Kits. The higher compression 11.5 to 1 engine and thicker 2.5mm head gasket improves the compression ratio to 9.4 to 1, making it ideal for higher then normal boost applications. This is the ideal solution for moderate boost-up situations without having to rebuild the entire bottom-end.

The GReddy K20 Metal Head Gasket is a thicker 2.5mm and incorporates our own grommet material around the 87mm bore combustion chamber to provide an strong seal between the cylinder head and engine block. GReddy also offers a wide variety of other metal head gaskets for many popular engines. (GReddy Metal Head Gaskets)