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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Japan Dirt Trial - GReddy/Yatagawa GDB, Rd. 1 Win!

In addition to GReddy being a technical partner to the USA Subaru Rally Team with drivers: Ken Block and Travis Pastrana (supplying Intercoolers and Radiators), GReddy has had for many years a All Japan Dirt Trial Championship race team. Lead by the 2005-2008 Class SC3 Champion Toshiyuki Yatagawa of Yatagawa Auto Service. The AJDTC is similar to what we would call a Rally, with equally matched vehicles competing on a timed dirt course for the best lap time. With much success over the years with this team, the GReddy/Yatagawa GDB STI has started off this year with a great start to the championship again - 1st place in Round 1.

Here is a quick review:
Competes in: All Japan Dirt Trial Championships
Class: SC3 (displacement is over 1600cc, AWD, must be modified based from the “off the showroom” car. Engine swap and body modification is permitted)
It is a fastest and most competitive class of all the “off the showroom” cars. The majority of the cars competing in this class are Lancer Evolution and Impreza WRX.
Rule: Each Driver gets 2 runs. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon) Within the 2 runs, driver that has the fastest lap wins.
Driver : Toshiyuki Yatagawa
Owner of Yatagawa Auto Service
1998 Class C3 Champion
2002 Class C3 Champion
2005~2008 Class SC3 Champion, 4 years straight!

Round 1 of 2009 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship was held on 03/22 at Maruwa Auto Land in Tochigi prefecture.
1st run:
Condition: Light rain
Yatagawa gets fastest lap. 0.2 seconds faster than a 2nd place car.
2nd Run:
Condition: Heavy rain, muddy track
Due to the heavy rain and muddy track, all the cars couldn’t go faster than a 1st run.
Yatagawa wins in his GReddy Dirt Trial GDB!