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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New X-Large R35 GTR Intercooler Kit

Here is another sneak-peek for our Blog readers, we would like to introduce the new GReddy X-large Type 29 R-Spec Intercooler Kit for the R35.

It measures a huge H302 x L710 x D115, plus you get that classic "side to side" front-mount intercooler look in the front bumper. (It also does not hamper air flow to the upper grill area.)

But not only is larger and better looking, it has great performance to back it up. On our test car with twin 20G turbo upgrade kit it gained over 20 additional hp at 1.6kg/cm2 (22.75psi) over the gains with our other intercooler upgrade (from 704whp to 725whp and 671ft-lb to 694ft-lb)

The Type-29 Rspec R35 Intercooler Upgrade also showed it can really cool thing down. With 136 C charge air coming in to the intercooler, it left at only 37.2 C coming out. That's 99 C cooler ! (210 F,) with minimal back pressure.

We will soon release an update with the official part number and pricing soon.