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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GReddy goes to School...

Last week while some of us went drag racing for a record-breaking 9.62sec R35 GTR 1/4 mile pass, others went to the Jim Russell's Lancer Evolution Experience, near Sonoma, CA.

Also in the class with us were some famous magazine editors, Peter Tarach -Modified, Carter Jung -Import Tuner, & Jonathan Wong - Super Street. Also there was a real life EVO X MR owner Mike.
Head instructor, Paul Gerrard tells, then shows the students how advanced the EVOX is. With lots of behind the wheel practice for the students, Paul and Nico Rondet break down the basics of balance and handeling into short training exercises. Then they help you put it all together on the challenging 2.52 mile Infinion (Sears Point) raceway.
We give the Lancer Evolution Experiance two thumbs up! If your looking for a 1day driving school or looking into buying a EVO X we recommend you check it out!

We were so impressed with the School, we might even send over our GReddy Project EVOX MR soon. So future students can compare a mildly tuned EVOX to the stock car...