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Thursday, July 29, 2010

GReddy on Facebook CAR TOWN

Here is another little extra piece of fun for all you car enthusiasts on FaceBook. CAR TOWNhttp://apps.facebook.com/cartown/?cref=FBPostGreddy is a fun Sim game for the car-crazy.
 Customize your garage and car, then race your friends online.

When your building your CAR TOWN Garage don't forget to add the GReddy Posters: see Edit Garage/Signage


Then you can get fancy and trick out your car, like we did...

Or build up your garage like one of ours...

To get you started on your mods, here is an official "GReddy Graphics" for you (if you get an Yaris, Accord or 240SX) to upload in the Customize/Graphics area...(please don't put it on a Donk...LOL)  (you can also purchase a real graphic kit for your ride here.)

While your there, don't for get to add us on your FaceBook at: 

looks like even Edmond's is getting into it...