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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet the GPP STAFF at GReddyFEST2

As most of you know we will be having our big Open House Car Meet & Garage Sale this Sunday, Sept 5 from 10am-3pm at our USA Headquarters - 9 Vanderbilt, Irvine, CA  92618

Before the festivities begin, we just wanted to let you guys know who we are before we meet you on Sunday!  So please come by and say "Hi"

In the photo, from top to bottom, left to right we have:
  • Fernando - Sales Dept.
  • Takeshi - R&D Dept.
  • Brian S.- Sales Dept.
  • Kenji - General Manager
  • Mike - Marketing Manager
  • Shuji - R& D Manager
  • Brian D. - Customer Service / Tech Support
  • Quincy - Sales Manager

Also making a special appearance for the event will be President Ikeda of TRUST, Ltd, Japan

p.s.  and for those of you who prefer prettier sites, we have GReddy Girls: Alexia Cortez, Corissa Furr and Alicia Whitten and over 200 Cars!

For more info you can also see: http://www.greddy.com/featured/18 or