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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2nd Place for the GReddy tC in Rd1

This past weekend was the #11 GReddy Turbo tC debut race in the Redline Time Attack Championships.  And we are happy to report with GReddy Driver Takeshi Aizawa at the wheel in the FWD Street Tire Class, the team finished in a strong 2nd place, only behind the returning 2x Series Champion, Clint Boisdeau, in his proven turbocharged Focus.

Being it’s 1st race, the GReddy Team is very optimistic in closing the gap in future rounds.   This is just the start of the GReddy tC’s evolution and the stock 2AR-FE engine proved very reliable under boost for 300whp.  With upgrades coming in the form of Limited Slip Differential, upgraded clutch, more aero, weight reduction and more boost, the Team is looking forward to our next round of Redline Time Attack

The GReddy Team at Redline Time Attack Rd. 1