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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GReddy IS-F Exhaust Preview #1

      GReddy RACING TITANIUM (coming soon...)
UPDATE: Preview #2

There has been a lot anticipation over the new GReddy IS-F exhaust since our 1st prototype for the 0-60 Lexus IS-F project.  But over that time, we have been working on improving the design and making it the ultimate IS-F performance exhaust system...

  • The final production GReddy IS-F exhaust keeps it's unique V8 Dual to Quad design, with dual 60-70mm piping expanding to quad 60mm piping for great performance.
  • Another premium benefit is use of full light-weight Titanium.  Reducing the weight by 50% over the factory systems (from the OEM 71lbs to the GReddy Ti 35lbs)
  • The aggressive V8 grow is present, but tuned for the street with two inline resonators on the H-pipe and two large volume dual straight-through Titanium oval mufflers.
  • Requested by many IS-F owners is the option to run the included four bolt-on 90mm Titanium GReddy Tips or the factory OEM bumper mounted Tips.


More details on pricing, release date and sound clips coming soon...