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Monday, July 2, 2012

GReddy Multi D/A Gauge

 The all new GReddy Digital -Analog hybrid meters are almost here.  Check out our English translated video of the basic operations and read below about system features.

 UPDATE: July 26th - GReddy D/A Gauges are here in the USA! 

Analog dial available in Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost)

The integrated Digital display make monitoring up to 2 additional signals at a time very easy, with options from 7 different engine signals:
   Turbo Boost  |  Water Temp |  Oil Press  |  Oil Temp  |  Fuel Press  |  EGT  |  Voltage(incl.)

Use the include wireless remote to control all system features (including Sensor selection & 7 choices of LED back-lighting : White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple and Red)
Multi D/A Gauge features include:
  • Choice of Analog Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost) Dial Face
  • Integrated EL Digital Display (Numerically & Bar Graph)
  • Animated Start-up and Shut-down sequences
  • Wireless Remote Control operation
  • Selectable 7 Color LED Back-lighting (and matching Back Logo illumination)
  • Peak Hold Recall for connected sensors
  • Warning point Setting and Alert for each connected sensor
  • And a water-resistant Center Control Unit to allow for simple installation.

With Multi D/A Center Control unit mounted in the engine compartment, sensor connections are super easy, and only a single communication cable is required to be routed through the vehicle's firewall to the drivers compartment.  A simple 4-wire power connections under the dash complete the electrical connections.

Multi D/A Gauge Systems available in Single Sensor Models or 3 Sensor Sets, with Oil Pressure or Turbo (Boost) faces... (single Sensor Turbo Multi D/A Gauge shown below)