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Monday, October 29, 2012

GReddy Profec - Electronic Boost Controller

Compact, Powerful, & Easy to Use

GReddy is proud to introduce the next evolution in the GReddy PRofec line of electronic boost controllers.  
Unique compact OLED Display and improved CPU processor improve performance and stability.  And the new layout improves usability.

    • Slim compact Control Unit mounts easily in the driver compartment, either flush mounted or with the included adjustable bracket.
    • Bright OLED screen makes easy work of programing and displaying boost - (in Numeric, Bar-Graph or Graphical modes)  [kPa or PSI]
    • Faster CPU processor and new, smaller Solenoid valve improve boost  response  and control for the most stable boost curves found in a Profec.
    • Intuitive program screens with simple Dial and button controls.
    • Separated, waterproof Sensor Unit with integrated 300kPa (43.5psi) high-performance pressure sensor remains in the engine compartment, for simple installations. 
    • 3 Boost Settings - LO, HI and a timed Scramble Boost Mode (from 1-99sec.)
    • Configurable for both actuator-style and external wastegate types
    • Last Boost and Peak Hold Boost Recall, well as a Warning Alert and saftey Limiter functions
    •  Data Lock and 180degree mounting options.


    Profec Programing Basics:
    The Profec is programed with the same 3, easy adjustments as the previous PRofec B-spec2 (SETGAIN, & START), but refines the programing to one simplified screen, for simple intuitive control. (While the PEAK recall in the programing screen helps the programer see what boost level was.)

    SET %
    = Controls the target boost level.
      As simple as a manual boost controller.  As you increase this percentage from 0-100% it increase boost over factory wastegate spring boost level
    GAIN % = Controls the Wastegate response (stability) at higher RPMs.  So if the boost level tends to drop as the RPM rises, you can set the GAIN % to a higher positive value (0 to +100)  And if you want the boost to drop at higher RPMs you can set the GAIN % to a more negative valve (0 to -99)
    START (Boost) = [CONTROL] Is a boost pressure value that determines Boost Response (or when the boost controller starts to open and close the wastegate.)  This is generally set 3-6psi (1-2kPa) below the desired boost level.  (if the boost "Spikes" then regains control, it is likely the START valve is too high and should be set lower.)  Under the START [NORMAL] setting (if used) the wastegate is allowed to open gradually to the START boost value (more similarly to a manual boost controller.  This maybe ideal for more complex sequnetial turbo set-ups.)