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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

GReddy Superior Spec. 2.1L FA20 / 4U-GSE Stroker Kit

Engine strengthening is crucial for safety and reliability of FR-S and BRZ over the 350hp mark.  GReddy engineers have drawn from our FR-S race experience to assemble a complete stroker kit for the FA20/4U-GSE boxer engine, using only superior components.  The kit features 9.5:1, 86mm bore. 2618 T6 forged aluminum pistons with specially designed shape ideal for high boost applications. This is connected to extra strong H-beam 433OM steel alloy forged connecting rods with a factory style 18deg. split line.  And at the heart of the 2.1L kit is our dynamic balanced, E4340 Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel stroker crankshaft.

P/N 13511600 - GReddy Superior Spec. 2.1L FA20/4U-GSE Stroker Kit  - MSRP $6500

Forged Pistons (4)- 9.5:1 Compression
- 86mm bore
- 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum
- ring widths 1.0 / 1.2 / 2.8mm
- .866 x 2.250 free floating carbon steel wrist pins

Connecting Rods (4)
- Strong H-Beam Design with factory style 18deg. split line
- Forged 4330M steel Alloy
- CNC machined, shot peened
- Silicone bronze bushings for full floating pins
- Top quality 3/8" bolts


Stroker Crankshaft (1)
- E4340 Aircraft quality Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel
- Triple heat-treated
- Ion-plasma nitride journals
- High speed straight line oiling system
- Dynamic balanced

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