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Friday, June 1, 2018

Super Street Magazine's Week 2 Wicked S2000 Build Up

Just last week the GReddy team participated in Super Street Magazine's first FB live "Week 2 Wicked" build up of a 2001 AP1 Honda S2000. The main power-adder selected was a prototype of our newly revised and updated GReddy S2000 Bolt-on Turbo Kit, GPP RS-Race 3" exhaust and Profec, electronic boost controller.

The end goal is to release a GTX-R Tuner Kit by Sept.-Oct. and complete CARB testing in the coming months... stay tuned for future updates!

For a SUPER STREET recap of the build please see:
Day 2   Day 3   /   Day 5 

 Day 2 at the Super Street garage, the GReddy team installed the GReddy S2000 AP1 prototype bolt-on turbo kit featuring a Garrett GTX2867R Gen 2 Turbo... see SUPER STREET Online for more!

Day 3 the GReddy team returned to complete the turbo kit install with injectors and the fuel management.  To optimize the performance a GPP 3" RS Race exhaust with optional Titanium tip and Profec electronic boost controller was added.

On Day 5, the final day, Super Street and Week 2 Wicked S2000 made their way down to the GPP headquarters in Irvine, CA to dyno and verify all the performance modification.  The 120hours, Week 2 Wicked, GPP turbocharged S2000 produced a conservative 260whp @ 10psi on standard 91 octane gas.  Thank you to Super Street crew for including us in your build!

Look for more updates on our new AP1, AP2 and AP2 drive by wire,  S2000 Turbo Kits coming soon...