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Friday, February 15, 2019

GReddy X Bride Collaboration ZETA III & Euroster II Seats

   - Order must be received by February 25th, 2019
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GReddy x BRIDE EUROSTER Ⅱ - SPL. is a stylish and comfortable reclining sport seat made with a luxurious high-quality synthetic suede fabric. The new ergonomic design improves on driver usability while avoiding muscle strain.  This model focuses on user comfort for both entering/exiting the seat and for long drives.  The seat material used with EUROSTER II is high-quality synthetic suede fabric with carefully designed bolstering, which provides a luxurious feel with great anti-slip hold on the driver (or passenger).  The well-balanced design of EUROSTER series matches a wide variety of car models. It's a perfect model for the first time sports seat upgrade.

EUROSTER Ⅱ uses flame-resistant materials and weighs 14.6 kg.

GReddy GPP  p/n 70723006 - Click here to Pre-order!

Seat type: Reclining Sport
Seat color: Black
Stitch color: White
JDM sizing: Standard

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GReddy X BRIDE ZETA Ⅲ - SPL.   BRIDE's fixed  ZETA bucket seat, has won in countless races while always keeping drivers safe.  ZETA series is a standard racing comfort model among BRIDE's line-up, which has been tuned with consideration for wide variety motorsports settings.  ZETA's design characteristics are a narrowed-down waistline and small "needle-point" design at the shoulder support part, and a signature FRP silver back shell.

ZETAⅢis uses a flame-resistant materials and weighs just 7.2 kg,  FIA-compliant model.
GReddy GPP  p/n 70723007 - Click here to pre-order!

Seat type: Racing Bucket 
Seat color: Black/Blue
Stitch color: Blue
JDM sizing: Standard