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Thursday, July 11, 2019

For an Ultra Custom GReddy Exhaust without specialized welding, we offer the Universal RS-Ti Muffler Sets


For that ultra-custom GReddy Exhaust, upgrade your exhaust system with a full Titanium Universal RS-Ti Muffler Set with pre-welded flange and muffler band.

Easily build a hybrid (stainless) steel exhaust system with our Full Titanium RS-Ti. Just use the provided stainless steel flange and muffler-band to customize your existing piping and bolt onto our Universal RS-Ti. No need for specialized exotic Titanium welding or slip-joints necessary.

Available in 3”(76mm) p/n 11008525 and
2.5” (63.5mm) p/n 11008530 piping sizes.


Easily replace the muffler section of your exhaust with a customizable GReddy Performance Products RS-Ti full Titanium Universal Muffler Set.

The muffler section has a pre-welded Titanium flange, that you use to connect to your existing system, by using the included stainless steel Greddy flange and muffler band.  

Just standard (stainless) steel welding and fabrication required.

Finish off your custom hybrid - (Stainless) Steel / Titanium exhaust with different optional GReddy RS Tips and Silencers.
(sold separately - see: here)