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Friday, May 29, 2020

New Universal Dry Airinx Air Filters

Airinx M available with 70mm, 80mm, & 100mm inlets  
Airinx S available with 50/60mm, 70mm, & 80mm inlets

GReddy introduces a new updated dry filter to the popular Japanese Airinx line. The new Airinx will eventually replace the previous application-specific GReddy Airinx AY-MB and Airinx AY-SM kits with the new Airinx M and Airinx S elements. The larger Airinx M currently comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes: 70mm, 80mm and 100mm. The smaller Airinx S also comes in three popular adapter diameter sizes 50/60mm, 70mm and 80mm. Both sizes include the optional GReddy badge to attach to the side of the filter. These dry filter elements work well for both normally-aspirated and forced induction systems and are easily washable with water and mild detergent.

12500631 - Airinx M   - 70mm dia. inlet
12500632 - Airinx M   - 80mm dia. inlet
12500633 - Airinx M - 100mm dia. inlet

12500601 - Airinx S - 50/60mm dia. inlet
12500602 - Airinx S      - 70mm dia. inlet
12500603 - Airinx S      - 80mm dia. inlet

Also includes GReddy side emblem 

Cleaning Maintenance:
- Recommended small amount of common neutral kitchen detergents.
    (Strong industrial detergents are not recommended as they can damage the material.)
- The new filter is a dry type, so be sure to dry it completely before  re-installing.
- Air blow is recommended for in-between washing maintenance.

Size similarly to the older Airinx AY-B filters

Previous Airinx AY-SB & AY-MB size: