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Friday, December 12, 2008

Project Car - GReddy GRB STI

Chassis: 2008 Subaru STI (GRB)
Engine: 2.5L EJ25 6spd.
Turbo: GReddy TD06S-L2-20G 8cm2

(click for GRB slide-show)

GReddy Total Tune-Up:
* TD06S-L2-20G 8cm2 Turbo Upgrade Kit
* SUS Exhaust Manifold Header

* Type 28 Spec R- HG Front-mounted Intercooler Kit
* Airinx AY-MB Air Intake

* Spectrum Elite, SE-Exhaust System

* e-Manage Ultimate - Engine Control Unit

* v-Manage - Variable Cam Timing Controller

* PRofec B-Spec 2 - Boost Controller

* Full Auto Turbo Timer

* 60mm Warning Meters
* Aluminum Racing Radiator

* Oil Breather Tank

* Racing Oil Filler & Hi-press Radiator Caps

* 10row Oil Cooler Kit

* GR-2 Full Synthetic Oil & Sports Oil Filter

* Counter-weighted Shift Knob

* Type-R Full Suspension Kit (prototype)

* GReddy Brake System (330mm/6piston)

* Light-weight Racing Lung Nuts

* GRacer Areo Lip Spoiler

Special Additions:
* Enkei GTC Wheels (18x9.5)
* Toyo Proxe R1R Tires (265/35/ZR18)
* Bride Racing Seats and Rails
* ACT Flywheel and HDSS Clutch
* Innovative Air/Fuel Meter
* Mother's Polishes and Waxes
* Vinyl Mayhem GReddy Graphics