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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Product Spotlight - GReddy Shift Knobs

From the responses of our last product spotlight, we noticed it may have been a little specific with a Titanium AE86 header. So this week we decided a feature a product that would cover just about everyone...the GReddy Shift Knobs.
(plus they make a great last minute gift for your friends!)

Basically there are three basic styles of GReddy Shift Knobs:
  1. Traditional : Wt.= 175g / Dim.= dia. 30-40-28 x h68mm / (1) Badge dia. 25mm / MSRP $41.25 - diamond shape, chromed billet Aluminum - JDM style & comfort
  2. Counter-weighted : Wt.= 376g / Dim.= dia. 40 x h54mm / (3) Badge dia. 27mm / MSRP $41.25 - counter-weighted, ball shaped, twilight-metallic Brass - smoother quick shifts
  3. Super-Light : Wt.= 75g / Dim.= dia. 40 x h40mm / (3) Badge dia. 25mm / MSRP $25.75 - super light-weight, ball shaped, white Duracon composite - race car feel and looks

All GReddy shift knobs are designed to screw onto the factory shift linkage via OEM style threading. There are 3 main sizes for each shift knob style, but some vehicles vary depending on specific shifters. (For many of those we have specialty applications that may required provided adapters for the traditional type, so they fit perfect- i.e. SW20 MR-2, Subaru, etc. )
(It is important to screw on the shift know securely before attaching the badge appropriately)
  • Type A - M12 x P1.25 - most Toyota, Scion, & Subaru
  • Type B - M10 x P1.25 - most Nissan, Mitsubishi, & Mazda
  • Type C - M10 x P1.50 - most Honda & Acura
The type and sizes, there are choices in the shift badge emblem.
For the standard 5 speed shift pattern we offer:
  • Traditional - you have a choice of Red, Blue or Pearl White 25mm dia. badge.
  • Counter-Weight - comes with 3, Black, Titanium, or Pearl White 27mm dia. badges.
  • Super-Light - comes with 3, Red, Blue, or Pearl White 25mm dia. badges.
In addition to these standard configurations that fit most Japanese vehicles we offer a few specialized applications for some popular models:
  • Traditional - 6speed Supra twin turbo & R34 Skyline GTR
  • Counter-Weighted - 6speed Honda / Acura
For a complete list of applications please see the online GReddy catalog (HERE)
or for Purchasing please see your local Authorized GReddy Dealer