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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GReddy exhaust prototyping...

As you all know, one of GReddy's main product line up is our straight-through, bolt-on, street style, exhaust systems. Currently that includes our Spectrum Elite, Racing Ti-C, Turbo Ti-C, and Evolution 2 systems.

As new models are released to the market, we must try to keep up, by prototyping new systems. With our skilled in-house fabricators, we carefully select proper piping diameters, muffler and tip combinations to rough out a guide-line for the Fitment, Looks, Sound and Performance of the exhaust.

For the Fitment and Looks, it involves laying out the system for ground and chassis clearance, while style plays into the looks by properly sizing and mounting the muffler and tip to match bumper body-lines and exhaust tip cut-outs.

Once that is complete, the internals of the muffler are tuned for the best combination of Performance and Sound. This is achieved by altering the internal construction of the straight though muffler and/or add/subtracting extra resonators to perfect the exhaust note.

Then we confirm all aspects of the Fitment, Style, Performance and Sound with a battery of test on the actually USA Spec model.
(One especially import test for the USA market is the under 95dB(A) standard.)

Today in the shop we are working on expanding our application list with a Racing Ti-C system for the new 2009 Honda Fit.