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Friday, January 23, 2009

Project Car - GReddy HR-Z (part 3 -4.2L HR-extras)

With the prototype 4.2l Crank, Pistons and Connecting-rods (shown in 1/15 update), it is time to put the engine together. We make most everything we will need for our Total Tune-Up builds, but there always some parts and services we need to put our products into action. For our block we enlisted the machining skills of Millennium Motorsports to prep our Darton International ductile iron sleeves. This will allow for our larger 96mm forged pistons and add some much need strength and reliablity for our HR engine under high boost levels.

Another part of the build you usually don't really get to see, is a very important one. The clutch and flywheel. With the HR being different then the previous DE engine/drivetrain combination, we went back to our Japan connections for a one-off custom light-weight OS Giken triple plate clutch to hold the high torque loads we expect. (notice the small machined teeth on the flywheel under the gears. Thats new on the HR)

Next time well explore the top-end of our HR engine...

(Thank you, OS Giken, Japan, John @ Darton International, and Greg @ Millennium Motorsports )