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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

R35 GTR twin 20G update from Japan

While we are working on an USA spec GTR, TRUST Japan has been working with Garage Saurus and Option Magazine on their R35 goal of 900hp. Originally the car was tuned with bolt on upgrades to a Japanese R35 high of 640ps, the addition or our new Type-06R Intercooler Kit bumped the power up to 655hp.

On the way to there goal, they installed our new prototype GReddy twin TD06-20G turbo kit, a blue-printed the engine with strengthened H-beam connecting rods, and an upgraded fuel system with 830cc injectors. After the a long wait of breaking in the engine, the team recently loaded the GReddy/Saurus R35 onto the dyno for some initial tuning. The initial test at 1.4kg/cm of boost made over 750ps!! On the second run the boost was turned up to 1.55kg/cm2. This maxed out the injectors to 99% for a 834ps pull!!!

The GReddy/Saurus/Option team is very happy with these initial test and are already working on getting the power up even more...