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Friday, February 4, 2011

Turbo tC build up update

From the start this GReddy tC Project's concept was to build a streetcar for the track, using components anyone can purchase. Or develop and offer products we need to make this achievable.  (Not a ultimate Time Attack specialist with one-off custom components, but a realistic fwd car customers could actually build themselves)

Although our Project #11 tC might not look too different on the outside, from when it debut at the SEMA Show in Nov., it has change quite a bit during our R&D testing.  Over the winter, we tested many turbo and intercooler combination and refined the production turbo kit, that we'll be offering and racing with.  We also upgraded the fuel system and tuned in the e-Manage Ultimate "piggy-back ECU." The Type-S Coil-over Suspension Kit was developed further, as well.   And for added safety, while on the track, we opt'ed for a 6pt Roll-bar with 5pt racing harness and bucket seats.

We'll have more details on each of these upgrades soon, but for now here is a little preview, to what's to come...

Next time we'll go a little more in depth with the new GReddy 2011-on tC TD05SH-18G Tuner Turbo Kit at it's base boost of  just 0.4kg/cm2  (5.6psi) and 288whp (that's a 118hp increase! so far!)