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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 GReddy Highlights

The GReddy Team has some great plans in store for 2012, but before we say good by to 2011, we thought we might recap a few memorable 2011 Highlights...

Back in May, we helped power the Sparco Rally xD, with a prototype GReddy Turbo Kit, to it's 1st Rally victory at the famous Oregon Trail...(see 5/16 post) (see video)

Then our very own #11 Turbo GReddy tC2 won it's 1st Street FWD Time Attack event at the high-speed California Speedway... (see 5/31 post) (see video)

We also launched our new more affordable RS Racing Sport Exhaust line in 2011.  (see 6/23 post) (see video)

And we re-introduced the ever-popular GReddy SP in the modern form of the SP Elite(see 8/1 post) (see video)

We also had some great results with our high power GReddy 35RX in Japan.  Clocking a new high speed record at the famous Fuji Speedway.  (see 9/20 post) (see video) look for more soon on this amazing car!

More locally we showed what a Tuned GT-R (specifically the GReddy GR43) can do up against other Tuned Supercars, in a Road and Track magazine comparison... DOMINATE!  (see 11/29 post) (see video)

And to cap off the year, we had the great fortune to be the first to tune the highly-anticipated Scion FRS (GT86) for the official launch...(see 12/1 post) (see video)

Happy New Years!