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Monday, January 31, 2011

GReddy, Set, G0! for the GReddy tC

After building our GReddy 2011 Scion tC SEMA project, we were impressed by the potential of the new model.  ( especially, the more aggressive looks, the sporty engine and the room for some wide tires!)  So much, in fact, we decide to build ourselves something we can have some real fun with.   Our Total Tune-Up concept is to build an accessible 2011 street-able track car.  To do this, we plan on developing a host of new GReddy products like a Intercooled-Turbo Kit, Suspension, Exhaust and more for the new tC.  We will test and prove them at the track.  And then, produce them for customers to purchase and hopefully build similar cars for themselves. 

And what’s the perfect setting for our project?  2011 Red Line Time Attack Series - FWD Street Class!  So we also happy to announce, with some support from our friends at Toyo Tires, Ray’s Engineering, Sparco, OS Giken, Five:AD and Scion Racing will be challenging in the majority of the 2011 RTA events with our turbocharged tC, and our very own, GReddy Performance Products R&D team (with Crew Chef/tuner Shuji Komesho and test driver/technician Takeshi Aizawa)

So please continue to follow our GReddy USA blog for more on the development, testing and progress of the Number #11 GReddy Street tC and the GReddy Racing Team